Tzamal Biopharma’s vision can be summarized as “Patients’ Health and Life Quality at Prime.. We are devoted to provide patients with innovative, cost effective top-quality pharmaceutical products, taking part in offering added value to both  patients physicians, as well as other business partners.

Mission Statement

To provide hospitals and health care services providers (including sick funds) across the country with top-quality pharmaceutical products, tailored to specific medical fields.

To facilitate and expedite the adoption and proper use of our company’s products.

To maintain a leadership position in the Israeli medical and pharmaceutical markets.

In-licensing, Distribution, and Commercial Collaboration

Tzamal Biopharma has long been regarded a partner of choice  for international pharmaceutical companies looking to start or expend their business activity in the Israeli market.

Tzamal Biopharma constantly seeks and explores  in-licensing, distribution, and acquisition opportunities as well as other types of commercial collaborations aimed at marketing and distribution of pharma  products in Israel, whether these are at an advanced stage of clinical development or already commercially available.

The Company owes its leadership position in the Israeli pharmaceutical market to three main prescription-drug categories: (1) Innovative prescription drugs and biological products for hospital use; (2) Innovative prescription drugs for community use; and (3) Selected generic drugs for both hospital and community use.

With years of marketing and sales experience, we have the knowledge to  conduct extensive market surveys providing potential partners with accurate medical and commercial insights to support decision making.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities in its current areas of clinical expertise as well as in new, promising therapeutic areas.

Our Advantages

The Importance of the Israeli Medical Market

Israel is  ranked among  the world top countries for technological innovation  and entrepreneurship likewise for its creative, skillful, and motivated technological workforce, resulting among other reasons  to drive leading executives from different geographies to enter the Israeli market and develop their business in the country.

This is the case for hundreds of multinational corporations, which have already established domestic business operations in our country, it  is particularly evident for large international pharmaceutical companies, benefiting from Israel’s advanced national healthcare services,comprehensive medical insurance programs, and large scale life sciences research at academic institutes leading  to rapid growth in the local market.