About Us

Tzamal Biopharma is an Israeli privately-owned company and a member of the Tzamal Medical Group of companies  engages in sourcing, importing, marketing and selling of top-quality pharmaceutical products. 

Tzamal Biopharma   sells and supplies public & private hospitals, healthcare clinics and all 4 major Sick Funds  in Israel a variety of pharmaceutical products for a wide range diseases clinical disciplines including : oncology, haemato-oncology, bone-marrow transplantation, gynecology, cardiology, as well as anti-infective products and more. In addition, our company sells a wide range of community products for general practitioners, family physicians and internists.

With our own clinically trained sales representatives, renowned for in-depth knowledge  of the market, we have developed close ties with medical opinion leaders across the country, allowing us to maintain a leading market position  and a preferred vendor of top-quality pharmaceutical products.

Our senior management comprises of highly experienced  professionals who have gained vast track record in marketing & Selling of innovative pharmaceutical products in the local market, likewise steering and successfully managing market penetration campaigns for newly developed drugs.

Creativity, innovative marketing, and daily promotional activities are key in maintaining our leadership market position.

Management Team

Shareholder & Managing Director

Mr. Edi Steinberg

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mrs. Osnat Weisbord

Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Peter Blau – Responsible pharmacist, QP
Mrs. Hadar Oliar – QPPV, QA

Business Development

Mrs. Sigal Maimon

Team Leader Product Manager

Mrs. Eti Shimshi

Tzamal – Key Figures


20 years of operation & experience


people, directly and indirectly involved in pharma activities


10 million inhabitants/ potential users


23 different registered and /or sold products , 43 presentations.
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To report  side effect, quality complaint and Medical inquiry, involving the company’s products, You may contact us at: Safety@Tzamal-Medical.co.il with contact details for return
Or by phone #: +972-73-7151107 with the following information: