Selected Areas of Activity

Tzamal Biopharma focuses and targets selected medical areas, including cardiology, gynecology and fertility, oncology, hemato-oncology, bone-marrow transplantation, endocrinology, anti-infectives, and drugs that affect the blood.

In addition, leaning on  its extensive experience in the field of generic/biosimilar drugs, Tzamal Biopharma seeks to expand its current product portfolio offering a comprehensive platform for the importation and sale of generic/biosimilar products in Israel maintaining and expanding beyond  its current market share of the generic/biosimilar market segment. Tzamal Biopharma is also looking to expand its presence in the orphan-drug market through a selection of novel drugs.

Marketing Activities

Marketing plans are developed based on product characteristics, thorough market research, experience, and advanced marketing techniques all of which aimed at  developing a winning, tailored marketing strategy for every single product.

Careful strategic planning enables focusing on the most relevant  target audiences,effectively introducing each product’s benefits thus expediting  market’s response and enhancing product’s penetration and follow-on sales.

Products’ marketing strategies rely on our devoted, highly motivated, and skillful medical sales representatives, who maintain regular professional communication through visits and professional symposia  with physicians in hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions across the country. Together with our sales representatives, who have a strong academic background, in-depth knowledge of our product portfolios, and top-notch sales skills, we offer a strong sales force that understands the market needs and trends better than our competition.

GMP Compliance – QP, QA, PV, and Regulatory Requirements

Tzamal Biopharma is GMP compliant and abides by the requirements set forth by the Israeli MOH, which includes the latest registration-, QA-, PV-, and QP-related directives and applies to our in-house and outsourced services. Tzamal Biopharma is therefore capable of offering the following unique services:

  • Comprehensive oversight of the local registration process and complete coverage of costs and fees.
  • Excellent professional acquaintances at  the Israeli Ministry of Health top executive level.
  • Expedited approval of new drug applications largely within 12 – 18 months.
  • Overall management and solving capacity  of any regulatory or quality-related issues in a professional and effective manner.
  • Legal advice – by renowned, experienced lawyers who specialize in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Managing applications to include new pharmaceutical products in the Israeli “Health/Drugs Basket”.

Logistics and Distribution

Tzamal Biopharma works closely  with Novolog, the leading Israeli pharmaceutical logistic services and drugs wholesaler, which is GDP/GMP compliant vendor   providing top-quality services for the importation, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical products to hospitals, sick funds, clinics, and other medical institutions across the country.

Named Patient Programs

Tzamal Biopharma offers a unique service to patients with particular needs through Named Patient Programs, by which of applying to the MOH for a specific license to import unregistered medical drugs for compassionate use.

Clinical and Medical Management

We use  team medical consultants’ review, to answer, follow-up and clarify  clinical and medical issues or questions regarding our products. We leverage the work of  this team’s extensive knowledge, for our marketing, training, and educational activities too.